I’m skilled in helping students in diverse learning environments reach their potential.

I’m an Assistant Professor of English at Radford Unviersity, and I have 13+ years of experience teaching face-to-face, online, and (computer) lab-based courses. I have taught traditional, first-generation, minority, graduate, and continuing-education students enrolled in two- and four-year institutions ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 to 30,000 students. Uniting these experiences is my commitment to preparing students to act ethically, collaboratively, and competently in their professional and civic communities. Read more about the role of experiential and civic learning in my classroom.

Currently, I mainly teach professional and workplace writing, including writing for web and social platforms.

As a core member of Radford University’s Professional Writing Program and Co-Coordinator of the online Graduate Certificate of Professional Writing, I regularly teach:

  • Business Writing (undergraduate)
  • Business Writing and Editing (online graduate)
  • Professional Writing
  • Professional Writing Technologies (undergraduate)
  • Writing in Digital Environments (online graduate; forthcoming in Summer 2017)

My background as a writing teacher also includes freshman composition.

I have extensive experience teaching freshman composition or “first-year” writing. In the past, I taught composition courses whose reading and writing activities focused on a broad topic, like lifewriting or the medical humanities. In a forthcoming article in the Journal of Medical Humanities, I explain why teaching first-year writing alongside the medical humanities benefits all learners.

American literature and interdisciplinary courses allow me to explore teaching the medical humanities in contexts beyond composition.

Courses that I have taught (or will teach) that intersect with medical humanities include:

  • Eugene O’Neill: Author in Context (Radford University)
  • American Naturalism and Realism (Radford University; forthcoming in Fall 2017)
  • Illness in American Literature and Culture (Indiana University)
  • Introduction to Fiction (Indiana University)
  • Survey of American Literature (Francis Marion University)

In the summer of 2016, I taught an introductory health humanities course for gifted high school students as part of the Virginia Governor’s School for Arts and Humanities at Radford University. In 2017, I’ll rejoin the Governor’s School faculty to teach a revised version of the course.