As a professor, I help students of all ages write to communicate, solve problems, and explore the world around them.

I have 13+ years of experience teaching writing in diverse settings and learning environments. Currently, at Radford University, I teach and research:

  • Business and professional writing
  • Writing in digital environments
  • Topics in the medical and health humanities

I also help facilitate the new online Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing. Read more about my teaching and research interests, including writing for the hiring process and business communication in social media.

As a writing consultant, I help job seekers, professionals, and organizations communicate with their audiences.

I assist clients in all aspects of the writing process, including strategy, content creation, design, and delivery. I use my teaching and research expertise to analyze each client’s needs and deliver solutions that are built on sound principles and tested practices. Clients get the results they want as well as systems they can implement on their own.

Contact me about my workplace writing consulting services.

Are you interested in research partnerships or other collaborative opportunities? Let me know.